Strategic partnerships & collaborative relationships

We believe developing key strategic partnerships affords new opportunities to create mutual value and enables us to offer new and enhanced benefits to the clients, organisations and groups we work with

“After a disaster or a crisis can we unpick the assumptions we make around the future?”: read more thoughts from Simplexity Analysis in ‘Are we always fighting the last disaster?

Simplexity Analysis


Technical Partner

Simplexity Analysis are a UK based company specialising in context brokering and analysis and apply this emerging data discovery and information management methodology across a wide range of research problems and market research exercises, having previously undertaken futures-related projects with the UK Ministry of Defence’s Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC)United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Global Map Aid.

Simplexity Analysis will act as a technical partner to disasterfutures, working with us to provide context brokering capabilities for our projects and offering their expertise with data and research process design and data searching, modelling and mapping, including making data sets available for distributed online use and offering a range of data visualisation and manipulation options for clients.

Please visit out Context Brokering page to find out more.

Simplexity Analysis have worked on significant futures projects in the past and retain a high level of awareness of the futures and strategic foresight field and its practices and methodologies

Simplexity Analysis and disasterfutures have worked closely together on previous projects in different areas and, as such, have an established and active relationship which includes ongoing knowledge sharing and idea and service co-development

Simplexity Analysis and disasterfutures are currently developing a context brokering workshop exploring the ‘Future of Disasters’ and, the data gathered and experience gained, will enhance both our horizon scanning service (adnasjur) and enable us to test, refine and improve the workshop approach as an effective way of introducing context brokering to clients interested in incorporating it into their futures projects

Simplexity Analysis applies the following tools and techniques to better understand future trends and complex research problems:

Machine learning – bespoke machine reading and machine learning algorithms are applied to sort data into different classifications enabling large problems to be prioritised and sampled

Software development – experience in the design of software solutions that provide cutting edge analytics and data storage, combining techniques such as context brokering and blockchain technologies

Data Visualisation – development of bespoke scripts and tools for visualising and mapping different information and data requirements.  An in depth awareness of a wide range of software solutions to improve analysis processes for busy decision makers.

Market intelligence – a wide range of open source intelligence collection – crawlers and internet searching to gather, structure and manage large scale open source data collection